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Monday Morning Reading #1

A selection of great articles to kick-start your week! (11th April 2016 edition)

Another weekend is over, folks, but don’t let that turn you to the Dark Side! Here’s a great selection of articles for you to enjoy with your Monday morning cup of caf


Rebels Revisited: For a Few Rebels More (Eleven-ThirtyEight)

Eleven-ThirtyEight contributers Mike Cooper and Jay Shah discuss their thoughts on the Rebels season two finale, ‘Twilight of the Apprentice’, and speculate on what we might see in season three.

How Ahsoka Tano Completed the Arc of Anakin Skywalker (The Mary Sue)

Writer Mike Chen explains how The Clone Wars helped audiences empathize with Anakin Skywalker and how Ahsoka Tano was not only vital to completing Anakin’s arc but was much more than a mere plot device to countless Star Wars fans.

Ahsoka Tano: Descending into Darkness (The Cantina Cast)

Blogger Becca Benjamin shares her thoughts on ‘Twilight of the Apprentice’, the search for knowledge, the symbolism behind the use of darkness and light in the episode’s visuals, and Ahsoka’s ambiguous fate.

Schrödinger’s Padawan: Why Ahsoka Tano Deserves an Ending (Eleven-ThirtyEight)

Another thought-provoking article from the Eleven-ThirtyEight crew. Contributor Sarah Dempster writes about her frustration at the lack of real closure regarding Ahsoka’s fate in the Rebels season finale and why she thinks it’s increasingly tough to justify Ahsoka’s continued presence in the Star Wars universe from a narrative standpoint.

ECCC 2016 Ahsoka Tano Panel with Ashley Eckstein and Anne Convery (StarWarsSauce)

Last but not least, while this isn’t actually an article, Ahsoka fans shouldn’t miss this one-on-one Q&A with Ashley Eckstein (voice of Ahsoka Tano) and Anne Convery. In this Emerald City Comicon panel, Ashley answers fan questions about Ahsoka’s role on Clone Wars and Rebels, talks about her character’s impact on geek fandom, and explains what led her to establish her sci-fi clothing line, Her Universe.


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