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HoloNet News: New Domain Name, Video Games at Celebration Europe, and Ciena Ree

A new domain name, Celebration Europe news, and our first official look at a Lost Stars protagonist

With Star Wars: Episode VIII currently in production and Rogue One out in cinemas in just seven months’ time, social media has been swamped with sneakily-snapped set photos and leaked promo images, making life trickier for fans who are avoiding movie spoilers like the plague and overshadowing other, less spoilerific franchise news.

So here’s a look at some of the Star Wars news stories that may have slipped under the radar last week:

  • First of all, I’d like to announce that Team Ahsoka has a new domain name: If you’re linking to this site, please update your bookmarks accordingly!
  • LEGO has announced a new (and limited) Star Wars Rebels set: the Rebel Combat Frigate (set number 75158-1). This 936-part set is based on the now-destroyed Phoenix Squadron flagship and includes mini-figures of Ahsoka Tano, Commander Jun Sato, Agent Kallus, Ezra Bridger, and everyone’s favourite psycho-droid, Chopper.

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