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Ashley Eckstein Celebrated Birthday Down on Ahsoka’s Pony Farm

How does a former Padawan celebrate her birthday? Down on the pony farm of course!

Ahsoka Tano voice actress Ashley Eckstein celebrated her 35th birthday in style by throwing an “Ahsoka’s Pony Farm” party for her friends and colleagues over at Lucasfilm.

The pony-themed cupcake party was organized by Ms Eckstein and Kristen Hidalgo and even had its own banner, created by Orange County artist Ashley Taylor. Partygoers included Pablo Hidalgo from Lucasfilm Story Group as well as The Star Wars Show hosts, Andi Gutierrez and Peter Townley.


The heart-warming idea of Ahsoka running her very own pony farm is a long-running joke between Ashley and director Dave Filoni. When asked about Ahsoka’s fate following the end of The Clone Wars, Ashley joked that the former Padawan had walked away from the Jedi Temple to go run a pony farm and bake cupcakes.

The pony farm was brought up again during the Star Wars Rebels season two finale Q&A panel when the cast were asked about Ahsoka’s ambiguous fate following her now-iconic duel with Darth Vader.


In case you’re wondering, Ahsoka’s noble steed has been dubbed Skytrotter. You can thank Mr Hidalgo for that one.

And no, Skytrotter isn’t canon.



All of the photos on this page are property of Ashley Eckstein/Her Universe.

The “Ahsoka’s Pony Farm” banner used as the featured image for this article is property of Ashley Taylor.

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