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Her Universe’s Ahsoka Tano Hair Tutorial

Rock a Togruta look with Her Universe's Ahsoka Tano hair tutorial!

Looking for a way to cosplay as your favourite Togruta without the hassle of crafting lekku and montrals? Then check out Her Universe’s Ahsoka Tano hair tutorial for an eye-catching alternative!

This colourful hairstyle was first modelled by Ashley Eckstein during the 2016 Her Universe Fashion Show and was seen again when she showcased the fashion brand’s Ahsoka Tano faux leather jacket earlier this year. Fans can now replicate the look thanks to this nifty video tutorial courtesy of the Her Universe team and hairstylist Stephanie Lizabeth.

For this look, you will need the following:

  • Hair or a wig that is long enough and full enough to make three braids (one on each side of the head and one down the back);
  • Some affordable blue hair extensions (about 10 extensions were used for each braid);
  • A good comb (for all the back-combing you’ll be doing);
  • Some hair pins and bands (to help secure the braids in place); and
  • Some basic hair products (e.g. dry shampoo, hair spray, and/or hair wax).

Full details of the hair products and techniques used to create these Ahsoka Tano-inspired braids can be found in the video tutorial above.

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